Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reigniting old passions. Part 2

I've always loved photos and photography. Since I bought my first digital camera I've been experimenting a lot more (which of course means I've had to buy more data storage, better cameras, and so on), as it's much easier to experiment when you see which ones 'suck' and which ones are OK before spending $20 on developing!

Over the past few weeks, I've been visiting Essential Baby, a parenting forum I was quite active in after Oliver was born, but drifted away from when things got crazy around here. It's a great community - sometimes controversial, sometimes annoying, sometimes thought provoking, but always supportive. Even though I'd been away for a couple of years, I was welcomed back and supported by people who know what I'm going through.
Anyway, on EB there is a photography group/forum that I've just discovered. Some of the people on there are way more advanced than me, but it's a nice way to share/talk about photos, and I might even learn some new things.
I recently posted in a thread about my three favourite photos (that I've taken). It was very hard to pick them, but I think they are 'good' photos. There are photos I like more, but if I'm thinking about what makes a good photo (and believe me, I'm no expert), these are the ones I chose:

I chose this one because it's a nice portrait, and Ollie doesn't have red 'flash' eyes.

I took this one at Hobart Beach one early morning in January 2007. I love how the kangaroo is staring out to sea. It's probably not technically the best (in terms of light etc), but I love the 'moment'.

I took this one on my iPhone last week. I love that I've captured that moment before Ollie hit the water, but that it's not blurry. I also love that I can take a nice photo like this without a fancy camera and lens.

Of course, as anyone who knows me a little would know, I've always got the camera out. The kids in my classes over the years have always grumbled about all the photos I take (but I think they secretly like it), and my boys are fairly accustomed to me with a camera in my hand.

My next challenge is to improve my knowledge of photography. I'm going to experiment with exposure and shutter speeds and setting up shots. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, perhaps you'd like to check out some of my other photos? They're on Flickr.


  1. Hi Mel

    This is my first time commenting(or reading)a BLOG so you have challenged me on many levels! I enjoy checking in with you daily and even though I may not contact you in person as often as I like its great to see what you are up to! I think Sam takes after you with your ability to smile through a storm. That is what I remember about Sam the most... his smile. Look forward to a Sunday drink, a bowl of ice cream and a chilly dish very soon. Kylie

  2. Thanks Kylie! I loved Sam's big beautiful smile too!
    Always up for a drink (or ice cream!)


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