Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oliver - a positive

OK, so I thought I'd better share a couple of positive stories about Ollie, as the last post made me sound like some kind of over-protective helicopter mum.

This one made me laugh. This one is a conversation we had in the car a couple of weeks ago.

Oliver: I like the name Karen.
Me: That's good, I like that name too. I've got two aunties called Karen (Karren).
Oliver: When I have a baby, I'm going to call it Karen. I'm going to have two kids: one boy and one girl, and the girl's name is going to be Karen.
Me: That's great! What's the boy's name going to be?
Oliver: I'll let my wife decide.

I wonder if he'll stick to it...

The other story is about swimming. Despite having a mother and brother that loved the water, and plenty of trips to the beach in his early years, Oliver didn't start formal swimming lessons until last year. He did one term, and then the pool closed for refurbishment, so altogether this is his 3rd term of lessons.
I'm amazed at his progress. At first he was very nervous about even getting in the water, and especially putting his head under. Now, he jumps confidently off the blocks into the deep end and swims to the side. When we were in MErimbula, he was swimming all the way across the pool underwater.

He does pick things up quickly. So I guess I should interpret that as a sign that he'll pick up all this stuff that I spoke about in the last post. He's just got a bit on his mind at the moment.

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  1. This made me think of the birds flying in a flock story
    Me: Look Oli at all those birds flying together
    Oli:That is called a school of birds
    Me: And those two are hanging outside the group they must be the ones that think they are too cool for school (was very proud of my pun)
    Oli: No Laura, they are probably the teachers

    Jeez that cracked me up and at skyfire he called me his lovely darling, ha ha I have not heard a 6 yr old say that before!

    Laura aka other guy


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