Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'll be glad when this week is over!

Well, the ankle ended up being OK. By the next day, I was pretty much walking normally again. I have no idea what weird stuff was going on! It was almost like it needed to 'click' - you know, like you click your knuckles?

But then, on Monday night, Oliver woke at 1.30am and started vomiting. He then vomited every hour for another 4 hours. Poor kid. By 4.30, he was so frustrated. He said, "I hate vomiting! It stops you doing what you are trying to do!" (in this case, sleep). He then got up and watched TV. I guess it's good he knows when it's a lost cause!

Anthony had one bout that night too. I was OK, but last night was awake most of the night with pains in the stomach. I didn't vomit, but felt like crap. I felt pretty crappy all day today too.

So we picked up a very powerful (and quick) virus, which now, hopefully has moved on...

Because I can't afford to get sick this week! The Book Fair is so busy, and I've had too much time off already!

Not that I'm minding the Book Fair too much. It's very nice to see kids (and their parents) excited about books (my god, I sound like such a geeky librarian!), and we made a fair bit of money already.
Sometimes it feels like the librarian job is a bit of an 'add on', so it's nice to feel like I'm contributing to the school. I am enjoying the job too. My boss asked me if it might be a career path I'd consider, and I must say, I probably wouldn't mind! It would have to be one of those progressive, Technology-rich libraries, where books and computers have equal standing though!

So I've been very busy. It's not so bad, I do like to be busy, and it helps keep my mind off things that get me down, but it is very tiring (especially when you're not 100%!). And I haven't been able to get out and take photos either! :(

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