Thursday, May 13, 2010

What? It's not Friday yet??

My goodness time is dragging on this week!

I really thought it was Friday when I was packing up today. I must be getting very old. I pack too much into a weekend and feel like a 60 year old all week!! (No offense to 60 year olds, I do know some very nice ones :) in fact, they've probably got more 'up and go' than me at the moment!).

Oliver's finally feeling better too. As I've mentioned, Oliver was sick last week, and when it just wouldn't go away, we went to the doctor, who said it was probably giardia. Horrible little bacteria creatures! But thankfully he's on the mend and back at school. He was quite possibly driving Anthony mad!

I'm back to exercising, which is good, because none of my clothes fit properly at the moment! I have a lovely colleague that gave me a bag of shirts, which really helped, but I should really do something more about it! I do that many laps up and down the hill to the library, that I'm getting a good workout at school anyway, but I'm happy to be also doing my morning exercise. I've got a good walking buddy on Tuesday mornings (she will be good for keeping me honest on the very cold mornings), and this morning I walked down to the lake (in minus 3 degrees temperatures) to take some photos. The gym is OK, although I get frustrated with the way people look at me. I guess they've seen me coming there for so long; losing heaps of weight and then putting it all on again (I could just be paranoid)...But I do enjoy the workout.


  1. Minus 3! No wonder I was cold. Can't wait to see your photos this week. Glad you enjoyed the festival and I know exactly what you mean about Grinspoon and Empire of the whatever........We saw Grinspoon at the Hellenic Club back in March and it was a brilliant show. Tomorrow IS Friday. It's my favourite day of the week. I love the anticipation of the weekend. Enjoy. Sue E.

  2. Thanks Sue. You enjoy Friday too!
    I will be seeing Grinspoon next time they come I think.


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