Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday's Sensational Six

Late, I know, but I wanted to get them in today.

A great photo of Sam
His 'army' phase. It didn't last long.

A great photo of Oliver
Taken today. He was going to an 'army' party.

An old photo
Happier times. We went on a family holiday to Brisbane in October 2007.

An Interesting Photo

Some of my favourite photos of Sam are from when he was playing with my computer (Photo Booth). I love this photo!

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:

This week's challenge was ''Portrait of a Tree". I'm pretty happy with it.

Morguefile Lesson Photos

Lesson 2 - Aperture and Shutter speed. Assignment 1.
This is one of my experiments with exposure in the dark. It's not bad, but I couldn't quite get it right.


  1. I admire what you're doing. I think you're amazing!

    It's Brenda (MummyTime) here by the way. Just wanted to say thanks for participating in FlogYoBlog Friday.XO

  2. WOW!
    You are very talented Mel,..great pics!


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