Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday's Sensational Six

Trying to get it up quick today, before I go to the concert.

A great photo of Sam
Here's another of the ones we found on his phone last week.
He was almost ready to start shaving. :(

A great photo of Oliver
Ollie at his first soccer game. I think he enjoyed it! Although he was a bit sick, so he wasn't on top of his game.

An old photo
(I have tried rotating this a couple of times, not sure what's going on!)
This is me on top of Borobudur Temple in Indonesia.

An Interesting Photo
One of the photos I took while out and about yesterday looking for autumn colours.

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:

This week's challenge was 'Autumn Colours'
I drove all around looking for fabulous trees. This one was not far from my mum and dad's house. I just love the colours.

Morguefile Lesson Photos
Still learning about exposure etc. This is another I took at mum and dad's place. It think I should have had it a bit 'lighter'.

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