Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday's Sensational Six

Things have been pretty, well, crap lately. And sometimes when life's getting like that I lose all my motivation and don't feel like doing anything. I must say, I had a day like that yesterday, with very little accomplished; and it's taken me a bit to get moving today too.
I still feel yucky, with a constant headache and that horrible sinusy feeling, but the antibiotics seem to be kicking in, so hopefully that will change soon.
But one of the places I do like to escape to is my little online world. I'm going to write about it again soon, but today I'm glad it was there.

So I thought I'd do my six for today. Here goes:

A great photo of Sam
On Thursday, when we got that 'news', Anthony and I went and sat in Sam's room for a while. I picked up his phone and turned it on. Months ago, when I'd turned it on there had been nothing coming up on the memory card. I had thought it was just empty, but there must have been some kind of glitch, because this time, all his data was there. So we found three new photos of Sam that we hadn't seen yet. This is one of them:
It's a real 'Sam' photo!

A great photo of Oliver
I love the look of concentration on Ollie's face.

An old photo
This is another photo of Anthony and I at my 21st. When I posted the other one last week, Mum went looking and found this one. I don't think I've ever seen it!
It's funny, mum said she at first didn't recognise Anthony. He does look very different now I guess!

An Interesting Photo
This is an alternative to the one I entered in the photo of the week challenge. I love how the tree with leaves seems to be 'reaching out' to the tree without.
This was taken on Urambi Hill, not far from my house (about 7km or so).

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:

This week's challenge was 'Solitude'.

Morguefile Lesson Photos
This week was the last week of the first lesson in my 'Morguefile' course, so I haven't got any for the new lesson yet (it started today).So I've decided to show you another of my abstracts. You can view all the photos I take for the course on my Flickr, but here are the first two assignments:

Lesson 1: Composition
I love this photo. Everything just 'worked'.

Today was also the start of a photography scavenger hunt that I'm taking part in. Soooo much fun! You can see my entries in my Flickr photostream.


  1. anthony looks totally different. wow. loving the vest. so early 90's! hahaha!

    hope things are getting easier... keep on keeping on (for want of a better expression!!!) but I hope you know what I mean... :)

  2. The photo you said was a real Sam photo, before I read your comment I thought to myself "that's the Sam I know".

  3. Hey Mel, I am not 100% sure, but I seem to recall Sam putting 100's and 1000's in his mouth at your 35th 80's party. If the photo has a date on it, it might be then. He was pretty keen be the quality control officer on fairy bread that night!!

    Laura aka other guy

  4. Yeah, I love the photo too. It's could be my party (he looked like that around then), but the bricks don't look right. I was thinking maybe one of his grandparent's houses, or at school.


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